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The Golden Rule Poster

Its appeal is augmented by the fact that its message is simple, universal and powerful. $13.95 (shipping and handling extra )

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Some people argue that the Golden Rule is the most consistent, moral teaching throughout history. Known also as the Ethic of Reciprocity, the Golden Rule is found in most religions and cultures. It can also be found in many ethical systems, indigenous cultures, secular philosophies and even in the physical sciences (the golden mean). Its omnipresence throughout history gives it tremendous moral authority.

Its appeal is augmented by the fact that its message is simple, universal and powerful. In July 2000, Scarboro Missions published the Golden Rule Poster featuring the Golden Rule in 13 religions in a striking and attractive 4-colour format. Scarboro Missions has been stunned by the success of the poster - this piece of multifaith art is making its way around the world. Everywhere it goes, it performs its magical task of healing, unity and reconciliation.

Scarboro Missions has developed educational resources to accompany the poster. These resources are being used in schools and with adult audiences. Some of these resources, listed below, can be downloaded free of charge. More resources will be added soon. We would appreciate receiving your feedback to these documents and how they can be improved.

OMC is now proud to offer this excellent resource to its clients.

For more information on this product and additional resources visit Scarboro Missions website.